The PDF format is great for distributing files and in an office setting, many documents are shared or created. As your team progresses through different stages of a project, it is often necessary to create dozens of PDFs and collaborate on them.


To make things convenient for everyone, it makes sense to combine PDF documents into one, easy-to-understand file. It’s easier to keep track of any edits and updates when everyone has access to all the data they need in one place.


In addition, by merging the files, everyone on the team can more quickly review different facts and figures entries and give feedback. Plus, it will be simpler to send the consolidated version to anyone who needs it.

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We’ll taek you through ways to combine or split files with attachments using the best editing tools!

Why Combine Multiple PDFs with Attachments?

You may want to merge several documents with attachments If you’d like to quickly access key details.


It’s also helps to merge files or compress PDF online if you’re working on a team project. For instance, you could decide to consolidate every supporting file or create a composite document with information from every team member.


In addition, merging several similar versions ensures everyone can access the master file. Whatever the reason, it’s a fairly easy to combine PDF online.

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If you’re collaborating on a project that has different documents, it’s important to understand ways to merge PDF online. The benefits for everyone on the team include:


  • Speed and productivity by eliminating the need to keep track of which document is the latest version.


  • It simplifies the teamwork process as everyone can work on a single document, including sharing information and collaborating in real time.


  • Maintain consistency across all documents by ensuring that changes are made consistently in all files.


  • Improve searchability, navigation and access control as a result of merging several documents into one


Understanding how to combine PDFs into one documents lets you adopt the consolidated file as a master copy, which means that all future copies of your project will be based on this single source. This is important if your goal is to ensure that, whatever happens during the project, your files stay in sync with others.

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How to Combine PDF Documents Having Attachments into One File

There are a couple of methods to produce a single and accurate file from a dozen supporting documents. One method is to use a PDF split and merge tool in an online editor. To help you organize your files, it often provides functions such as add, delete, and move.


Using a fillable PDF is another option. This allows you to open and modify the file with an Acrobat Reader. You can also simply use a PDF fill online tool with the help of a modern browser like Chrome.


Multi-file merging is a simple and interactive process. It works like this:.

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  • Choose the files you want to consolidate into one from your computer or from a cloud storage service like Dropbox or Google Drive and drag and drop them into the software.
  • Rearrange the documents as desired by clicking “Add” or “Remove”


  • Click “OK” when satisfied.
  • Before saving your changes, you can review your changes in a new window.


  • Then, save the merged PDF on your computer or cloud drive once you’ve completed your rearrangements.


Furthermore, you cansplit PDFs into multiple documents with an online PDF splitter or editor. Here’s how to:


  • From the “Split PDF files” menu item, upload the merged PDF from your desktop or drive.
  • Next, choose “Split Document” from the Tools menu list.
  • Indicate how many spages you’ll want the document split into.
  • Save your new files to a desired online or offline location.
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Whether you’re collaborating on one or hundreds of files, your team can easily combine PDF files into a singular copy or make PDF smaller bits by splitting one containing loads of information into more simpler versions and deciding the pages should stand alone or converted to a PDF to PDF merge.


The Split function online also allows you to create blank pages, set up pages containing texts, and create pages containing bookmarks.


Every day operations require PDFs, regardless of the size or type of project or the number of team members involved. PDFs are the ideal format for sharing documents with others, whether they are brochures, flyers, or documents.

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They’re also great for sharing important information with clients, customers and other business partners, or to get your ideas across. Therefore, it only makes sense to have an emergency toolkit to split, merge, or compress PDF file when the need arises.


Fortunately, there are several great options out there to choose from. Hopefully, this guide will help you if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to quickly split or merge PDF documents.



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