How has your website been recently performing? Have you noticed a drop in visitors or could its rankings do with a bit of improvement? Even these seemingly small issues can quickly begin to mount if the appropriate steps are not taken. We will therefore discuss four ways in which you can increase the exposure of you website so that it attracts a much wider audience.

Site Mechanics

Many portals suffer from low retention rates due to poor layouts, confusing navigation and slow page loading times. Unfortunately, all of these could be symptoms of a larger problem. As opposed to developing a site from scratch only to realise that it is laden with errors, it could be wiser to employ a website builder equipped with user-friendly tools. From AI-assisted algorithms and stunning royalty-free images to pre-formatted templates and flexible subscription plans, engineering a site from the ground up is much easier than it may initially appear.

Share Your Content

A growing number of website owners (particularly those selling products or services) are taking advantage of social bookmarking sites. These portals allow individuals and businesses to post content for free and they represent excellent ways to increase brand awareness. Note that content may also include images, videos and even backlinks to the website itself. Most are free to use and registration will take only a matter of minutes.

Organic Traffic

If your site seems to have fallen off of the digital radar, this could also be the result of a lacklustre presence across social media platforms. We need to remember that sites such as Instagram and Facebook are no longer associated with casual entertainment alone. They have come to represent powerful tools within any well-designed online marketing strategy. Here are some of the many possibilities:


  • To directly communicate with your target audience.


  • To better appreciate the latest industry trends.


  • To market your products and services to the end user.


  • To gain an overall impression about how clients feel about your ongoing efforts.


Never underestimate the advantages of a well-rounded approach to social media advertising.

Keep up to Date with Search Engine Optimisation

Many website owners have yet to realise the impact of poor SEO strategies. Not only can these cause issues within the portal itself, but failing to adhere to the latest protocols may even harm SERP (search engine results page) rankings. So, make it a point to determine whether your ongoing efforts need to be modified. Appreciating the most relevant keywords, regularly curating updated content, partnering with a quality web hosting service, embedding quality outbound links, and ensuring that the proper HTML tags are in place represent some core SEO fundamentals.

When All Else Fails

What if you have performed all of the steps outlined above and your site still appears to be underperforming? In this case, it could be wise to consult with a professional web design specialist. He or she will be able to take an in-depth look at the current state of affairs and ultimately, to provide targeted solutions.


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